The Jerk (1979): First Date with Marie Part 2


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The clip First date with Marie Part 2 from The Jerk (1979) with Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters

...someday... could make love with me and think of him?
Who knows?
Maybe you and he can make love and you could think of me.
I'd just be happy to be in there somewhere.
Do you have a girlfriend?
-Does it matter? -I'd like to think you were available.
I'm available.
Did you forget about my ass?
No, l've been thinking about it.
She tattooed my name on her ass.
Not just my name. A lot of names!.
And funny things, too. She's got one up here that says "Slippery when wet."
-How do you know that? -What is she, some great piece of ass?
She's no great piece of ass!.
I mean, wait a minute.
We're all adults here. Let's reason this out.
Marie's the type of person that if you got--
If this gash doesn't get out of here...
...l am gonna drive this bike up her butt!.
While Patti tends to be more direct.
As for you, farm boy....
We're married!.
And as for you, kewpie doll--
You protected me. You must really like me.

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