The Jerk (1979): First Date with Marie


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The clip First date with Marie from The Jerk (1979) with Bernadette Peters, Steve Martin

Why are you smiling?
You're the fiirst person l've ever had at my place.
Do you live here?
It's nice.
Did you decorate it?
I got this from the old Cup O' Pizza place before they tore it down.
That was really good pizza.
This is the best pizza in a cup ever.
This guy's unbelievable. He ran the old Cup O' Pizza guy out of business.
People come from all over to get this.
You know, you have beautiful skin.
May l?
So smooth and flexible.
I take after my mother's side of the family.
It's amazing the way it just snaps back like that. Amazing.
-Are you a model? -No.
I'm a cosmetologist.
Really? A cosmetologist?
That's unbelievable.
That's impressive.
It must be tough to handle the weightlessness.
Can l ask you a personal question?
What is it?
Now be totally honest.
You do have a boyfriend, don't you?
Kind of.
I know this is our first date, but... you think the next time you make love to your boyfriend... could think of me?
-I haven't made love to him yet. -That's too bad.
Do you think it's possible that...

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