The Jerk (1979): Navin's Birthday


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The clip Navin's birthday from The Jerk (1979) with Mabel King

Boy, l hope everybody's good and hungry.
-I know l am. -And l'm ready for that.
Here's corn bread.
Collard greens. And l cooked up those hog maws you like.
Mother, dear, ain't we forgetting something?
No, l'm not. Today is Navin's birthday.
Happy birthday!.
It's Navin's birthday!.
And l cooked you up your favorite meal.
Tuna fish salad on white bread with mayonnaise...
...a Tab and a couple of Twinkies.
-Here, darling. -Mom, thanks.
You're gonna like that shit, man.
I got you a present.
-Gee, Elvira. -I made it myself.
We got you something, too. A half bottle of lilac vegetal. It's from both of us.
I drew you this picture.
-Here. -Thank you.
I want you to have my Zippo.
Dad, you had this since the war.
Thanks, everybody.
God bless us...
Will you pass me the potatoes and the collard greens?
-Navin, darling. -I'm sorry l spoiled the party, Mom.
You didn't spoil the party.
I brought you a Twinkie.
I'm not hungry right now.
Feeling different again?
It's like l don't fit in. It's like l don't belong here.
It's your birthday, and it's time you knew.
You're not our natural-born child.

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