The Jerk (1979): The Stolen Credit Card


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The clip The stolen credit card from The Jerk (1979)

I can fix those shocks.
No. We just want some gas, muchacho.
Okay. But it's Sunday. We've got to have a credit card.
And all the cash is locked up?
No, not locked up. We got a lot of cash. Just that the banks are closed...
...and l'm not allowed to have cash coming in or out.
I'm alone for the first time. I don't want anything to happen.
You flash this kind of wad in front of some people, they'll kill you for it.
So, we've got to have a credit card.
Have we got a credit card in there?
Credit card.
No, thanks. I don't smoke.
-What kind of cigarette is that? -Joint.
They don't make 'em very good.
-MasterCharge do? -That's fine. We take MasterCharge.
You want a fill-up, Mrs. Nussbaum?
I'm Mr. Nussbaum.
Yeah, that's his wife's card.
-His wife's card? -Yeah, l'll vouch for him.
Okay, as long as we got a voucher.
I got it!. Just send a police car over.
Mrs. Nussbaum's credit card!. I got the guys who stole it.
Hold on, they're calling me!. I'll be right back!.

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