The Jerk (1979): Shooting Cans Part 3


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The clip Shooting cans Part 3 from The Jerk (1979) with Steve Martin

If l can develop this gizmo, l'll split it with you fifty-fifty.
How much for the gas? l got a load of shit to sell.
-$26.41 . -Here's a triple dix. Keep the change.
Dead center!. Say your prayers, half-breed!.
Harry!. Look at this!.
What's the matter with these cans?
Die, milk-face!.
These cans are defective. They're springing leaks.
Come and look at this.
You better run for cover or you'll spring a leak.
We don't have defective cans. We have a defective person!.
He hates these cans.
Stay away from the cans!.
Die, gas pumper!.
I've got to get away from those cans!.
There's cans in there, too!.
Run!. Run!.
More cans!.
Die, you bastard!.
He doesn't want to put holes in cans. He wants to put holes in you.
Milk-faced bastard!.
Oh, my God!. I'm endangering your life!.
-Cover me!. -You're covered.

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