The Jerk (1979): Shooting Cans Part 2


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The clip Shooting cans Part 2 from The Jerk (1979) with Steve Martin, Bill Macy

Yes, sir!. I damn thee!.
Damn these glasses!.
-I can fix those glasses. -You can?
Well, here, fix those suckers!.
Guess what? l fixed 'em.
I was back there thinking...
..."What causes glasses to slip on and off?. "
And it's because when you take them on and off...'re putting pressure on the frames.
It causes them to spread.
So l put a little handle right here in the center...
...that puts the pressure on the bridge.
Just like the tie rods on a '72 Buick.
Plus, l put a little nose brake on here to prevent slippage. Try it.
Use the handle.
Well, l'll be.
It works.
I make a pretty good living selling shit like this. I'll tell you what.

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