The Jerk (1979): Fire!


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The clip Fire! from The Jerk (1979)

Well, what is it, boy? Are you lost?
Do you want to play? ls it trouble?
Is it an accident?
A drowning?
A fire?
We've got to warn everybody!.
I've heard about dogs like you. You're going to be famous!.
You're going to get your picture taken, and they'll put it in the paper!.
This is exciting!.
You saved my life!. Come on, let's warn everybody!.
Fire!. It's a fire!. Fire!. There's a fire!.
Everybody!. Up!. Wake up!. It's a fire!.
It's a fire!. This dog, he's saving everybody's life!.
He's unbelievable!. He's some dog!. He's a lifesaver!.
That's what l'll call him, too!. Ol' Lifesaver!. That will be your name!.
Folks!. False alarm. There's no fire.
Mister, don't call that dog "Lifesaver."
-No? -Call him "Shithead."
Good. "Shithead."

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