The Jerk (1979): Leaving Home


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The clip Leaving home from The Jerk (1979) with Steve Martin

Now that you're going out into the world...
...there's something you should know.
-You see that? -Yeah.
That's shit.
And this is Shinola.
Son, you're gonna be all right.
Now, what town are you gonna try for first?
I thought l'd go to St. Louis 'cause that's where that radio show was from.
And remember, the Lord loves a working man.
-"Lord loves a working man." -And son...
...don't never, ever trust Whitey.
"Don't trust Whitey. Lord loves a working man, don't trust Whitey."
Pierre. Come here.
Don't you forget to grow up now.
-Good luck, brother. -Send me a picture postcard.
Okay, let the boy go.
-Bye. -We got work to do.
And l hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.
I will, Ma. I know it's out there.
It's out there, all right. If you catch it, see a doctor and get rid of it.
-"See a doctor and get rid of it." -Good luck.
"Lord loves a working man. Don't trust Whitey.
"See a doctor and get rid of it."
Bye, Grandma!.

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