Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Handicapped Camp


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The clip Handicapped camp from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

Filmstrip narrator: american officers arrive at a nazi institution
Seized by first army troops.
Under the guise of an insane asylum,
This has been the headquarters
For the systematic murder...
Stein: so, what is this place?
During the second world war,
15,000 people were killed here.
Why were they killed?
They were killed because they were people with handicaps.
Why kill them? What's the point of killing them?
People who were not able to work,
People who were not able to live by themselves,
That they were "useless eaters."
"useless eaters."
And "life unworthy of living."
George: this idea grew up in the '20s,
So long before national socialism,
Biologists, anthropologists,
They thought that maybe mankind could--
Or the government could interfere
into the growth of the population.
stein: I see.
And they had the... Utopia?
That they would have a society
Without illness and without handicap.
So this was a darwinian concept.
and also a malthusian concept,
Very much malthusian.
thomas malthus, who said
That there was a shortage of resources.
English philosopher, said there was a shortage--
Yes, but the nazis, they relied on darwin.
they relied on darwin.
yes, darwin and german scientists.

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