Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Religeon Part 2


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The clip religeon Part 2 from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

If you believe in evolution,
You can't hope for there being any free will.
There's no hope whatsoever
Of there being any deep meaning in human life.
We live, we die, and we're gone.
We're absolutely gone when we die.
Dr. Provine is no stranger to the prospect of death.
Nearly a decade ago,
He was diagnosed with a large brain tumor.
Let's suppose my tumor comes back,
As it almost certainly will.
Well, i'm not going to sit around
Like my older brother did last year.
And he was dying of als, lou gehrig's disease.
He wanted desperately to die, but we couldn't help him die.
I don't want to die like that.
I'm going to shoot myself in the head long before then.
I'm going to do something different.
I hope these are empty words
From my friend dr. Provine,
Because shortly after this interview was recorded
He learned his brain tumor had returned.
Provine: I don't feel one bit bad
About holding the views that I do.
There's not anything in the views I hold
That makes me, "oh, I wish I had free will,"
Or "oh, I wish there were a god."
I don't ever, ever wish for that.
Dr. Provine's de-conversion story
Was typical amongst the darwinists we interviewed.

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