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The clip confront from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

The darwinian establishment
Is so massive and so entrenched
It appears impenetrable.
I couldn't bring it down myself,
But I could at least confront
Those who'd expelled the scientists i'd met.
What would you say if you had eugenie scott sitting next to you?
What would you say to her?
I would ask her by what authority
Does she and those like her
Presume to declare
What is and is not science.
He's sort of made himself martyr of the day.
They've gotten a lot of mileage out of,
You know, poor rick sternberg.
And we got lip service
From the leadership of the smithsonian,
But I didn't feel they ever followed through.
We went into the smithsonian looking for answers,
But we ran into the same stone wall as congressman souder.
You're not authorized to do this here, so stop.
He said, "nonetheless, you have to be disciplined,"
And I lost my job.
We did get an interview
With a spokesman from george mason,
But it was impossible to knock him off his script.
Her contract was not renewed.
It was simply, um, not renewing her contract,
Which she satisfied.
Her contract was not renewed.
It had nothing to do with the controversy
Of that topic of intelligent design.
I have never been treated like this in my--
About 30 years in academia.
We received a similar reception at baylor university.
They refused to admit
That what had happened to dr. Marks
Had anything to do with id.
Certainly the conversations i've had, this has not--
The intelligent design situation
Has not been the thrust of the conversation.
It was a procedural issue,
And that's the way we dealt with it.
Funny, that's not how dean kelley put things

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