Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Anonymous Fired People


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The clip anonymous fired people from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

Man #1: it's the kind of thing where you just learn to keep your mouth shut.
Stein: in addition to those scientists
Who were willing to appear on camera,
We encountered many more who didn't dare show their face
For fear of losing their jobs.
Man #2: you use an intelligent design perspective
To get the research done,
But you're not allowed to talk about it in public.
Man #3: and so there is definitely incentive, if you think about it,
For people to remain within the mainstream.
Man #4: you know, "what's he up to?
What is he thinking? Is he one of them?" that kind of thing.
Man #5: if I write "intelligent design,"
They hear "creationism,"
They hear "religious right," they hear "theocracy."
So it appears mr. Shermer, the self-styled skeptic,
Was wrong on this one.
Intelligent design was being suppressed
In a systematic and ruthless fashion.
But maybe intelligent design should be suppressed.
I didn't like what was happening to these scientists,
But on the other hand,
We don't want our kids being taught
That the earth is flat
Or the the holocaust never happened.
It was time to ask the scientific establishment
What was so bad about intelligent design.

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