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The clip national center for science education from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

Stein: listen to eugenie scott
Of the national center for science education.
The ncse has been at the heart
Of virtually every evolution controversy
Over the past 25 years,
Vigorously defending the darwinian gospel.
Scott: we have had a lot of business,
Unfortunately, at ncse in the last few years
Because virtually every state
In which science education standards
Has come up for consideration
Has had a big fight
About the coverage of evolution in them.
Scott: ncse was started by a group
Of scientists and teachers
Who were very concerned
Because in the late '70s and early '80s
There were a lot of attempts to pass
"equal time for creation science and evolution" laws.
Clearly, this is something that neither scientists nor teachers liked.
It wasn't exactly "help, help, the creationists are coming,"
But, you know, kind of along those lines.
Most scientists just throw up their hands and say,
"creationists! They drive me crazy. You handle it."
We've worked a lot with science education organizations.
The most important group we work with
Is members of the faith community,
Because the best-kept secret in this controversy
Is that catholics and mainstream protestants
Are okay on evolution.
Are you sure about that, eugenie?
Liberal christians have been fighting with
Conservative christians for so long
That they'll side with anybody against the fundamentalists.
And eugenie scott says, "well, welcome over."

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