Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Talk Against I.d


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The clip talk against i.d from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

I didn't like what was happening to these scientists,
But on the other hand,
We don't want our kids being taught
That the earth is flat
Or the the holocaust never happened.
It was time to ask the scientific establishment
What was so bad about intelligent design.
Intelligent design people are not genuine scientists.
Intelligent design is a racket.
It's just propaganda.
The only intelligent thing about it
Is to have got people to call it that.
It's really very stupid, as well.
Everybody knows science education
In america is appalling.
What we don't need at this time
Is intelligent design in the classrooms.
To present intelligent design
Stunts their educational growth.
It stunts their intellectual growth.
But what I don't understand
Is how these animals could've been on earth
Millions of years before man
When the bible says the whole earth was created in only six days.
It wasn't just the educational aspects of intelligent design
That had scientists concerned.
Many suspected the movement masked a much larger agenda.
Intelligent design is a set of excuses
To squeeze creationism into the classrooms.
Get intelligent design in the schools today,
And we can have school prayers tomorrow.
Chorus: � hallelujah �
� hallelujah �
Stein: any other complaints?
Can you imagine anything more boring?
The boredom attached to id is supreme.
It is so boring
That I can't even bother to think about it much any more.
It's just utterly boring.

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