Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Interview Part 2


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The clip interview Part 2 from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) with Richard Dawkins, Ben Stein

But i'd put it as something like,
You know, 99% against or something--
Well, how do you know it's 99% and not, say, 97%?
I don't. You asked me to put a figure on it,
And i'm not comfortable putting a figure on it.
I think it's-- I just think it's very unlikely.
But you couldn't put a number on it.
No, of course not.
So it could be 49%.
Well, it would be-- I mean, I think it's unlikely,
And it's quite far from 50%.
How do you know?
I don't know.
I mean, I put an argument in the book.
Then who did create the heavens and the earth?
Why do you use the word "who?"
You see, you immediately beg the question
By using the word "who."
Then how did it get created?
Well, um... By a very slow process.
Well, how did it start?
Nobody knows how it got started.
We know the kind of event that it must've been.
We know the sort of event that must've happened
for the origin of life.
what was that?
It was the origin of the first self-replicating molecule.
Right, and how did that happen?
I've told you, we don't know.
So you have no idea how it started?
No, no. Nor has anybody.
Nor has anyone else.
What do you think is the possibility
That intelligent design
Might turn out to be
The answer to some issues in genetics
Or in evolution?
It could come about in the following way.
It could be that at some earlier time,
Somewhere in the universe,
A civilization evolved
By probably some kind of darwinian means
To a very, very high level of technology
And designed a form of life
That they seeded onto, perhaps, this planet.
Now, that is a possibility and an intriguing possibility,
And I suppose it's possible that you might find evidence for that.
If you look at the detail--

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