Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008): Confront Part 2


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The clip confront Part 2 from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008)

In his original e-mail to dr. Marks.
I'm not mixing my religion with my science.
The questions that I ask
In my intelligent design research
Are perfectly legitimate scientific questions.
At least the top guns at iowa state
Were willing to own up to their actions.
What we wanted to stop is the use of the name of isu
To validate intelligent design.
And we did succeed.
I really think a lot of guillermo. He's a great guy.
So that's why i'm kind of disappointed.
He should've just left this alone,
In my opinion, should've just left it alone.
Dr. Hauptman elaborated further
On his great regard for gonzalez.
Man: uh, this is quoting an e-mail from you to mr. Avalos.
You say, "sometimes it is just best to ignore idiots,"
In reference to guillermo.
And then, "the religious nutcases
Should be challenged at every opportunity."
Yeah, because, for example,
In that case, i'm thinking more of,
Say, the creationist crowd, who claims that god
Put all the animals on an ark, and that's it.
That's where all of our animals came from today.
That's crazy, okay?
You shouldn't be insulting
Even children with that kind of thing.
So these are the idiots, all right?
They've always been around.
They've always been around.
Going after the perpetrators in each of these cases
Wasn't getting me anywhere.

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