Blue Crush (2002): Pipe is in Three Days


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The clip Pipe is in three days from Blue Crush (2002)

What are you doing? Helping.
Why? You're not a maid anymore. Don't be mad at me.
I'm not mad. Mmm.!
These are so good. You didn't save me any whipped cream though.
Some guy thinks you look hot in a bikini, and you forget all about the contest.
That's not fair, and you know it.
Champagne? How cheesy are you?
Shut up. I'm not mad.
It's just... I happen to know that you kick ass out there,
and you worked very hard to get to where you are.
I know. Pipe is in three days.
Every single sponsor is here,
and it's just you and one other girl out there.
I know. I got it. Okay?
People would kill to be in your shoes. I got it!
Hey, listen to me. Contest comes first.
Nothing changes that.

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