Blue Crush (2002): Good Morning Pipe Master


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The clip good morning Pipe Master from Blue Crush (2002)

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the Pipe Masters...
here at Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.
You're gonna be watching women's surfng history today...
as these girls take on the deadliest waves in the world.
Imagine the Niagara Falls dumping into two feet of water over hard-rock lava...
with razor-sharp reef and underwater caves.
It's gonna be a macking 20 feet.
Good luck to all the ladies competing today at the Pipe Masters.
They may be the best in the world, but they're gonna have their hands full today.
If you're going down to watch, it's not a day for a dip in the water.
Anne Marie, you all right? Mm-hmm.
You guys get out here. I'll go find some parking.
Pretty much an impossible score at this point.
She's way behind, but she's still gonna try and put it on the line.
Looks like she's goin'for this one. Oh.! She broke her board.
Any day at Pipeline, it's critical, but today,
one false move and the consequences could be disastrous.

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