Blue Crush (2002): I've Been Better


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The clip I've been better from Blue Crush (2002)

Are you okay?
[Overlapping Voices]
Is she gonna be all right?
Is she gonna be all right?
She'll be okay. Just give her some room.
Is she gonna be okay?
I think so.
[Neck Cracks]
I'm gonna put some ice on it.
Lift your head.
Just lay there and relax for a minute.
If you tell me to be the girl on the beach right now, I'm gonna kick your ass.
So how are you feelin'? I've been better.
My, uh, my first NFL game,
I got blindsided by Warren Sapp.
I tell you, I've never been hit so hard in my life.
I lay there praying something was broken so I wouldn't have to get up and finish the game.
You think I'm faking? No. I know you got rocked out there.
Just like I did. But Leslie sat me down,
said that was the hardest I'd ever be hit and that I would regret not going back in.
So l... I went back in.
And you won the game.
No. Actually, we lost.
And I got my ass kicked.
But there's this one beautiful pass...
one perfect spiral right into Omar's fingertips...

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