Blue Crush (2002): Chadwick Vs. Kennelly Part 3


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The clip Chadwick Vs. Kennelly Part 3 from Blue Crush (2002)

You all right? I'm okay, I'm okay.
Get back out there then.
With only two minutes left in her heat,
Chadwick struggles to get back into the lineup...
so she can catch a scoring wave.
Chadwick has yet to even score a good ride, a scoring ride.
She needs to redeem herself. Keala is absolutely dominating this heat,
and Chadwick needs to put a scoring ride on the board.
Ouch. Are you all right?
That was nasty. It's okay. I want another one.
You want another one? That's the spirit.
Shake off that last wave, and let's do this.
Less than 20 seconds left. Feel that adrenaline. Use it. Come on.
Anne Marie Chadwick only has one more chance.
On the outside. Here comes one of the best sets of the whole day.
We have lines stacked to the horizon.
Here comes a set. This is the one.
All right, come on. Go.! Go, go.!
[Woman] Go, girl.!
Chadwick's out there.
Paddle hard!
Go! Go! Go!
This is yours.! Don't pull back.!
Go, go!
Go.! Go.! Go.!

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