Dune (1984): Yueh's Plan


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The clip Yueh's Plan from Dune (1984)

Let's go, guys!
Set up a sonar probe immediately.
Over here!
They have tried to take the life of my son.
Sector six through 80, progress reports, sire.
Take it, Thufir.
Sector six, 80, copy the sixth, the sum of the eighth,
the quadrant over the ninth, plus 80, four circles, weave the 80 and call the fourth.
Eight, Thufir Hawat, Mentat, Master of Assassins.
The, uh, the palace is now secure.
The city of Arrakeen is under martial law.
We have troops here, headquartered underground,
on subfloors six through ten.
The rest of the troops are stationed in Arrakeen,
and we have some on the airfield.
Our new army is still in training,
but everything, everything is shielded,
and with this shielding, we are impenetrable.

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