Dune (1984): Stillsuits Introduction


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The clip Stillsuits Introduction from Dune (1984)

Duke Leto is now here. Spice mining inspection to start immediately.
So you are Dr. Kynes,
the Judge of the change.
And the Imperial Ecologist, sire.
Our intelligence informs us...
that there's still a strong Harkonnen presence.
The process of removal continues.
This is my son, Paul.
Are you a Fremen?
I've been on Arrakis...
in the service of the Emperor long enough for my eyes to change.
In the service of the Emperor.
We are in your hands, Doctor.
Your gift of the stillsuits is much appreciated.
Will you give us an explanation of their workings?
Well, this is a stillsuit of Fremen manufacture,
the most efficient type on Arrakis.
It's all right, Gurney.
Yes, sire.
it's a high efficiency filter and heat exchange system.
Perspiration passes through the first layer,
and is gathered in the second,
where salt is separated.
Breathing and walking provide the pumping action.
The reclaimed water circulates to catch pockets...
from which you can drink through this tube...
at your neck.
Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads.
Should you be in the open desert,
remember to breathe in through your mouth...
and out through this nose tube.
With a Fremen suit in good working condition,
life can be sustained for weeks,
even in the deep desert, sire.
My thanks.
With your permission.

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