Dune (1984): Birth Of A Reverend Mother


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The clip Birth Of A reverend mother from Dune (1984)

our Reverend Mother is too old.
She has been calling through space and time...
for you to come and let her rest.
She asks that you pass within and become our Reverend Mother.
If you be a Reverend Mother...
let Shai-Halud judge now!
The Water of Life.
But what of my unborn child?
One day, I will have to do this.
Following the Bene Gesserit tradition,
the old Reverend Mother surrendered her life...
as she surrendered her knowledge.
Jessica had successfully transmuted the poisonous Water of Life.
Every man who has tried has died.
Am I the one?
The sleeper must awaken.
The tremendous power of the Water of Life...
caused the premature birth of Jessica's daughter, Alia.
Alia was born with all the knowledge and powers of a Reverend Mother.
Feyd, even though he's aging,
Thufir's one of the finest Mentats in the universe.

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