Dark Days (2000): Waking Up


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The clip waking up from Dark Days (2000)

tommy ?
what ?
damn i'm tired
i'm tired, yo
give out
i could sleep for about...
2 or 3 hours more
i don't feel like getting up
shit it's fucking late
i gotta take a fucking piss
good morning people
do me a favour man...
bring you back an empty bottle ?
no, take it out for me (?)
yeah, sure
it's fucking cold, man
... (?) feels cold ... (?) like yesterday
i'm getting up
i'm ready
ready to hit the street
when i first came down ... (?)
scared that...
not scared, just looking at this god damn place and shit
at that time, i remember i came down here just to get out ... (?)
i looked around, i started noticing, started building this shit

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