Dark Days (2000): Interview with Coalition for Homeless


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The clip interview with coalition for homeless from Dark Days (2000)

our first response
because of the long relationship that we've had with our clients
was to immediately go to court
previous to amtrack's decision to evict people out of the tunnel
we had just sued amtrack on the grounds they cannot through people out of pen station
they travel here in ny city (?)
so when we found out that amtrack was gonna come in
... (?) we knew we had to stop them throwing people out of the tunnel
who had called it their home for 10, 15,25 years
we met with amtrack officials
at first they were very abrupt
they wanted everybody out
had it been a few days they were gonna fence it off, put in security guards
we worked at a plan
that we would assist people in moving into temporary shelter
with amtrack ... (?) people
but soon thereafter we learned of a program run by the fellow government
who had set up an aid program
and we garanteed amtrack that nobody would be left inside of the tunnels
the section a program, the housing program here in ny city
is a great ticket into housing
it garantees someone an apartment
health paid ...(?) and security fees
so it was a perfect chance
and i think amtrack knew that
it's a good opportunity to work with advocates
rather than have a legal challenge
and ... (?) we were pretty confident
had we gone to court, we would have won
it was crystal clear, a violation of people's rights
we didn't want to defend people to live on the street
we wanted to get them into housing
that was the ultimate goal
and we're glad it never went to court
right you ready ? go !

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