The River (1984): the Plougher Breaks Down


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The clip the plougher breaks down from The River (1984)

Okay, try it, Dad.
Be careful, Lewis.
Son of a bitch. I just bought this hose.
Who's desperate? You got it.
Tom, where were you? We needed you.
You seen Harley?
Around the back.
Tom, your buddies could have used you.
Seen Harley?
He's down there.
Excuse me, Dave.
Harley, I need a new hose. Look at this thing you gave me.
It's Sunday. I ain't open.
I'm not asking you to open.
Just get me a new one.
No way I'm opening on Sunday.
I'm a Christian. There's just no way I'm opening.
If I don't have a new hose in my hands in five minutes...
you're gonna have a Christian burial.
Got your attention, didn't he?
Let's go.
Bye, Harley!

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