Fried Green Tomatoes (1991): Ninny's House is Gone


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The clip Ninny's house is gone from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) with Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates

Hey, Evelyn, somebody stole my house.
It was right here when I left.
Unless... Oh, Evelyn, you don't reckon I'm crazy, do you?
It was here when I left. No, honey, you're not crazy.
This is the place.
Why would anyone want to steal an old lady's home?
Wasn't worth nothin'.
Oh, honey, nobody stole it.
They had to tear it down. It was condemned.
I'm sorry. I shoulda told you.
Well, somebody shoulda told me.
I'm old. I'm not a child. I'm sorry.
My husband Cleo and I lived in this house...
for more than 40 years.
Now, it's... it's gone.
83 years worth of livin' and all that's left of me...
is what's in this box, a bunch of old cards and pictures.
Come on. I'll take you home.
This is my home!
And now it's gone.
And Mrs. Otis is gone.
I don't quite know what to do.
This is the first time I can remember when I don't have a soul to look after.
You can come look after me and Ed.
Oh, you're sweet,

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