Fried Green Tomatoes (1991): Proposing New Roommate


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The clip proposing new roommate from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) with Kathy Bates

Now, drip, drop
Drip, drip, a-drop
Hi, honey. Look what I got you.
Ed, how sweet!
Lilies! My favorite. Yeah.
I know. Sometimes I even amaze myself.
What's the occasion? Oh, honey, I just...
feel sorry about the past few months.
I don't know what you're really up to and what's going on with you,
but I guess I could've been more helpful with your job and everything, you know.
Well, why are you...
puttin' up this wall where you just tore one down?
Well... I changed my mind.
I don't mean to seem dense or anything,
but what's changed? The air and the light.
Ed... Hmm?
You remember how you used to tell me...
you always wanted two women in your house?
Oh, God.
what if I was the younger of the two?
I don't believe I get your drift.
I want something more than I've ever wanted anything before.
I want to bring Mrs. Threadgoode...
to our home.
I want her to live here with us.
I want to give her the love she's given me.
You're kiddin' me, aren't you? I'm absolutely serious.
That's why I'm puttin' the wall to Kyle's room back up.
Well, honey, this isn't something you're just go and do.
I mean, she's an old woman.
What if she got sick? Who's gonna take care of her?

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