Toxic (2008): Tomas's Story Part 2


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The clip Tomas's Story Part 2 from Toxic (2008)

No, no, I'll tell you as soon as you let me go.
No deal.
I'll let you go...
when you tell me where she is.
Okay, okay,
I'll tell you what, um, um, uh, okay, then why don't I tell you,
and then you let me go?
Hey, Antoine.
What are you doing here?
Came to see this fucker off.
Well how the fuck did you find us?
Van Sant told me where you guys were.
He wanted to make sure the job got done right.
He didn't say nothing to us.
This idiot,
he works for us for ten years, then he steals a shit load of money,
and then has the audacity to try to bribe me with it.
Well I'm surprised you didn't take it.
He didn't offer that much, did you?
back off,
let me put one in him.
Whoa, whoa, Conrad, fuck man, take it easy.
Hey, you know the rules, homes.
What rules?
We find him, we get to kill him.
Hey, hey, Conrad,
look how, how about 50 percent, huh?
Fuck you.
Okay, 75 percent, okay? I need some for the girl.
Do I look like I could give a shit about some girl?
Okay, uh, 90 percent?
90 percent.
Hey, that's some fucked up shit, homes.
Alright, dickhead,
take their guns.
What, what? What?
Come on.
Bring them to me.
Hey, okay.
He doesn't pack.
Get over here.

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