Toxic (2008): The Story of Lucille's Rape Part 2


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The clip The Story of Lucille's Rape Part 2 from Toxic (2008)

No, no, don't put her on my couch.
She's just going to get blood all over my couch. Oh, my god.
Just go get the medical kit, okay?
Oh, god.
You gonna be okay.
Where am I?
Don't worry about it, you're safe, alright?
They're coming for me, I got...
Who's coming? What the fuck did you do, Angel?
I'm not gonna let nothing happen to you, alright?
They're coming. They got...
I told you, you safe, alright?
Daddy. Oh, my god, and you say I'm crazy? Jesus.
Who is Daddy?
He's Daddy.
What is his real name?
Jake Van Sant.
Who the fuck is Jake Van Sant?
Don't go there!
I'm not going back, I'm not, I'm not.
Yeah, you know where to find Jake Van Sant?
I, I, I need to calm down, now.
Make a note of that. I need to calm down.
Why should I do that?
uh, just watch me.
At what?
This is her.
At the cards, or at... This is her. Both.
This is the what?
Shh. Listen.
What do you want?

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