Toxic (2008): Closing Time


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The clip Closing Time from Toxic (2008)

Hey buddy, let's go.
Time to go.
You driving home?
I'm fine.
Yeah, well you go be fine somewhere else. Let's move it.
I have to get my card.
Yeah, you can get that tomorrow.
Let's go, come on.
Have a good night.
Bye bye.
Hey, babe.
Let me help you there.
I need you to drive Rizzo tonight.
Yeah, where to?
Sherman Oaks, she knows the address.
This better be quick, Steve, I have class in the morning.
That all depends on you, doesn't it?
Come on, fuck wad.
How's everything working out?
Oh, it's great. I, I can't thank you enough, Steve.
Steve found a transient.
He said, 'where we're going, you can be anyone you want from now on.
What should I call you? The transient replied, 'Sid.'
Yeah, well, what can I say? I got a big heart.
And an even bigger cock.
Can you close up on your own tonight?
uh, yeah, absolutely.
good night.
Hey, Sid.
That was a great show you had tonight.
Apparently you're the only one with that opinion.
No, that's cool, you can keep it.
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Alright, then,
how about a drink?
So, is it true?
You live in the attic?
um, well yeah, just for now.
Steve's sort of helping me out, he's been a good guy.
Oh, yeah, Steve, he's a real fucking saint.
Saint Steve.
Well, to Saint Steve.
Most people are haunted by their past.
Everyone else fears the future.
The only place to hide is in the present,

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