No Looking Back (1998): Charlie and His Date


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The clip charlie and his date from No Looking Back (1998)

What's happening, fellas?
There they are. How you doing, gentlemen?
Hello, Charlie. Charlie, how you doing?
What's up, guys? Guys, look, I want to meet, um...
Annie, right? Annie.
Annie, this is Michael and Goldie. My two oldest friends.
Probably his only friends. Nice to meet you.
I've known these guys since I was younger than you.
So be nice to them, all right?
Annie. It's very, very nice to meet you.
Control yourself, Goldie, all right? You're a married man.
I'm sorry, Charlie.
So, what's up? I come over, fix the car, I don't get a thank-you call?
No, thanks. I thought you were coming over on Sunday, that's all.
Yeah, didn't Claudia tell you?
I was gonna come Sunday, but I had to cover for The Foot... I figured Saturday was cool, I hope that was all right.
No, no, problem. Just call us next time.
Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Hey, what are you doing next week? You're on for poker?
Yeah, I'll be there. I'll be there. What about you, Mikey, gonna show?
No, I'm definitely in.
Hey, I'll be right back.
I just have to go to the bathroom, okay?
Yeah. Just don't take all night...
...all right, sweetheart?
You guys want drinks? Come on, Mikey.
No. I'm good. Charlie, what do you want?
Yeah. You know what? Get me...
Get me, like, two shots for her, all right?
Mary, three shots of Jack, please.
Charlie, where did you find her?
I know, can you believe it? Is she fucking hot or what?
You ain't gonna take her home tonight, are you?
What do you mean? Of course I'll take her home.
You know, if her mother's not home.

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