Nanny McPhee (2005): Keeping the House


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The clip keeping the house from Nanny McPhee (2005) with Colin Firth

Papa's coming.
She's gone.
The only person in the whole world who stands between all of us
and total ruin...
and she's gone.
What's ruin?
There's no time to mince words. I can't support my own family.
I never have been able to. There are so many of you.
But you're all so delicious.
When Aggy came along and your mother was so ill, I said,
"We may have to stop now, dear," and she said...
She said, "I know. "
The fact of the matter is, your Great-Aunt Adelaide
has been supporting us for years with a monthly allowance.
A little while ago, she told me
that I had to remarry or the allowance would stop.
This woman today was my last chance.
Our last chance.
When the money stops, the house will be taken.
Some of you will perhaps be put into the workhouse.
Some will be put into the care... into the care of others.
I don't know how many of you will be allowed to stay together.
I'm sorry to have failed you, children.
You deserve so much better.
Do something.

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