Nanny McPhee (2005): Simon Asks About Mrs. Quickly


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The clip simon asks about mrs. quickly from Nanny McPhee (2005)

You have a visitor, Mr Brown.
An especially eager visitor, Mr Brown.
Quickly by name...
Simon, my boy.
Well, come in.
Come on, I won't bite.
Father, we want to ask you something.
Well, of course.
Of course. Anything at all. Ask away.
Who is Mrs Quickly?
Good heavens, such a face. She's, er...
She's... she's a friend. She's... a friend.
Just a friend?
Well, my boy, it's not exactly any of your business, is it?
It is if she's to be our new mother.
Who said anything about that?
It is true? You are going to marry her?
You go too far, Simon.
You must not question...
I didn't.
Don't contradict me!
I'm not!
You do not understand the adult world.
You know, there are certain things that...
certain things...
You will leave me this instant. Go home!
You never listen!

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