Nanny McPhee (2005): Irresponsible Father


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The clip irresponsible father from Nanny McPhee (2005)

Lily, what's this word?
Lovingly. "He took her lovingly by the hand. "
What's your book about, Evangeline?
It's about the daughter of a nice man who remarries after his wife dies
and the stepmother's horrid to her.
Why doesn't the man stop her being horrid?
Fathers all turn bad once their wives die. They don't care any more.
Simon. Yours does.
No, he doesn't.
Does he read to Chrissie or play cricket with us like he used to?
He doesn't even sing Loola-bye to Aggy. We hardly see him.
He loves you, Simon. You know that. He's just had a lot on his mind since...
Since Mother died.
You used to be as close as anything.
Not any more. All he cares about now is getting himself a nice new wife.
Well... I don't know if that's true or not,
but it might be nice to have a new mother.
Don't you know anything about the world?
Whoever he marries will be vile and treat us like slaves.
You don't know that.
Plenty of hard evidence for it.
There isn't one stepmother in there who's even halfway decent.
They're an evil breed. Anyway, who ever likes other people's children?
I like you.
Yes, but you're a servant. You're paid to like us.
That doesn't count.
I've got my work to be getting on with.
I really am hungry, Evangeline.
Could you maybe bring me some secret toast and jam?
All right, forget the jam. Just some secret toast.

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