Nanny McPhee (2005): Keeping the Children in Bed


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The clip keeping the children in bed from Nanny McPhee (2005)

Morning, Mr Brown.
I'm off to work early. We're busy at the mortuary.
Some bout of influenza at Archway is carrying off all the old folks... Ah-ah-ah!
Still, what's bad for them is good for us.
Poor things.
Well, I know. That, too. Of course.
Odd. She normally says, "Have a nice day,"
or "Don't forget your jacket" if it's cold out.
Very odd. Most peculiar.
I did knock.
Did you? I didn't hear.
I was talking to...
Never mind.
I believe the children will be staying in bed today.
The children? What, all day? Are they ill? What's wrong?
Nothing. I know precisely what to do. Please leave it to me.
You managed them splendidly last night.
If they are under the weather,
give them what they want, ice-cream and jelly and suchlike.
My late wife was very particular. If ever they were ill,
she used to wait on them hand and foot... even if they weren't ill at all.
I shall be sure to give them exactly what they need.
Excellent. Excellent. Well, I'll just be off to work, then.

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