Mystic River (2003): Dave Recounts the Evening


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The clip Dave recounts the evening from Mystic River (2003)

Yeah, I was at Jimmy's yesterday. Celeste is there now.
-Who's Celeste? -My wife.
-How's Jimmy doing? -It's hard to tell. You know him.
-Yeah, so the reason we came by-- -Listen, I saw her.
Katie. I don't know if you know that. At McGill's, the night she died.
That's what we wanted to talk about.
They were at a couple of bars that night. Your name turned up for McGill's.
They put on quite a show dancing on the bar.
-Pretty drunk, huh? -But it was harmless.
They weren't stripping or nothing. They were just 19.
What time did they leave?
I left at 1. They must've left 15 minutes before me.
-So we'll say 12:45? -Sounds about right.
You see anything unusual or anyone--?
-Like what? -I don't know.
A guy watching the girls?
A guy with hate in his eyes? A woman-hater?
No. No, if they hadn't danced on the bar, it would've been business as usual.
-See you later, Dad. -You got your milk money?
Fuck, I hated school.
Yeah, me too, Sean.
Just one more thing, Mr. Boyle. Where did you go after you left McGill's?
-Home. -Home by 1:15, would you say?
-Roughly. Sure. -All right.
Yeah, well, thanks a lot, Dave. We'll grab a beer sometime?
-Yeah, I'd like that, Sean. -All right.
What happened to him in that car?

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