Mystic River (2003): Whitey Suspects Dave


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The clip Whitey suspects Dave from Mystic River (2003)

-The gun sends us in a different direction. -I don't see it that way.
What does Just Ray's gun have to do with Dave?
These things get passed around.
Just Ray may have blown town, but his gun never did.
I say we talk with Brendan Harris in the morning.
And I say Dave Boyle. The hand story. The wife, she's definitely scared.
They're hiding something, but Dave Boyle's as much a killer as Brendan Harris.
Boyle fits the profile, a fucking T. Mid-30s, white, marginally employed...
...sexually abused as a kid. On paper, this guy should be in jail already.
Katie Markum was not sexually abused, see?
In that equation, sexual emission is part of the deal.
You were friends when you were kids. This makes you a fucking liability.
He's not my friend.
Turns out you're right, I'll have my cuffs off my hip faster than yours.

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