Mystic River (2003): What Katie Did Yesterday


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The clip what Katie did yesterday from Mystic River (2003)

What time did Katie get home from work yesterday?
Around 7:30.
Anything unusual, out of the way about her?
No. She sat with us, with me and the girls, while we ate.
She was having dinner with her friends.
-Eve Pigeon and Diane Cestra? -Yeah.
She talked to Nadine about her Communion...
...and then she was on the phone in her room for a bit.
And then around 8, she left.
-Do you know who she talked to? -No.
Do you mind if we have the phone company subpoenaed for records?
-No, go ahead. -Good.
You say you spent most of the day Saturday with your daughter in the store, correct?
Yes and no. I was mostly in back.
Anything odd? A confrontation with a customer, anything?
No, she was herself, she was happy. She--
She what?
It's nothing.
Listen, the littlest thing could be something right now.
It's just that when she was little, right after her mother died...
...I had just gotten out of prison, she couldn't be by herself.
Whether she was crying or not, it didn't matter...
...but she gave a look sometimes, like she was preparing to never see you again.
For a couple of seconds on Saturday, she looked at me that way.
-Okay. -It was just a look.
It's information. We collect it, put it together, see what fits. Little things.

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