Mystic River (2003): Brendan Shows Up at the Shop


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The clip Brendan shows up at the shop from Mystic River (2003)

I'll take hookers over old ladies any day.
-Mind if I go grab a smoke? -You can smoke the whole pack.
Can I help you, Brendan?
No, Mr. Markum, I'm looking for some of that tea that my ma likes.
-That's Barry's. Next aisle. -Thanks.
-When's Sal getting here? -Anytime now.
-That it, Bren? -A Globe.
I thought Katie worked on Sundays.
Are you sweet on my man's daughter, Bren?
No, I just see her here sometimes.
Her little sister's making her First Communion today.
Thanks. Come on, Ray.
Can I ask you something, Jimmy?
Why do you hate that kid so bad?
It's not hate. Doesn't that little mute fucker spook you out sometimes?
No, not Silent Ray, Brendan.
He's nice. Does sign language with his brother even though he doesn't have to.
He doesn't want him to feel alone.
But you look at Brendan like you're two steps away...
...from slicing off his nose and feeding it to him.
-No. Really? -Straight up.
Here's Sal. About fucking time.

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