Mystic River (2003): the Call to 911


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The clip the call to 911 from Mystic River (2003)

911, police services. What's the nature of your emergency?
There's, like, this car with blood in it, and the door's open.
-What's the location of the car? -Sydney Street.
It's in the Flats by Pen Park. Me and my friend just found it.
-Son, what's your name? -He wants to know her name.
Your name, what's your name?
We're so fucking out of here. Good luck, man.
Dispatch, this is Unit 33.
We're gonna need a crime-scene tech, and you might want to notify Homicide.
Thirty-three, have you found a body yet? Over.
No, but by the looks of this car, we'll find one sooner or later.

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