Mystic River (2003): Sean Meets Jimmy at the Scene


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The clip Sean meets Jimmy at the scene from Mystic River (2003)

The dog's sniffing something by the old bear cage.
-Want to take a walk over? -Yeah.
-Trooper Devine? -Yeah, go ahead.
We got a guy on Sydney says he's the father.
Oh, shit.
-Got a psychologist on the scene yet? -En route.
Just keep him calm till the shrink gets here.
Asking for you. Says he knows you. Not taking no for an answer.
And he's got some guys with him.
-What guys? -Crazy-looking guys.
-The Savage brothers. -Just a "hi" around the neighborhood, huh?
All right, I'm on my way.
-Hey, guys. -That's our niece in there.
-Let us in. -We're doing our job.
-Let us in. -Fuck you!
The doughnut shop's that way!
-Nick, Val, ease up. -Fucking dickhead.
-Enough. -Nick.
Go to Drew Pigeon's house, talk to his daughter. Katie was with them last night.
-Kevin, let's go. -And, guys?
These girls are friends, so don't be hard on them.
-But get answers. -You got it.
Yeah, that's what I believe. Yeah.
Hey, Jimmy. Hey, man.
-Is she in there? -All we're doing is looking.
-Quit blowing sunshine up his ass. -That's my daughter's car.
-I understand. -And it's got blood in it.
You got fucking dogs all over. Why do you got dogs looking for my daughter, Sean?
Because we're looking, Jimmy, okay? Right now all she is is missing, okay?
-Trooper Devine? -Yeah, say again.
Sergeant Powers says you need to get in here ASAP.
-Your location? -The old bear cage. It's a fucking mess.
All right.
Make sure he doesn't get through.
You got those bolt cutters in your car?
I'll get us right through that Sydney Street fence.
There's a massive search underway for a woman missing in Buckingham Flats.

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