Mystic River (2003): Savege Brothers Drink with Dave


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The clip Savege brothers drink with Dave from Mystic River (2003)

This one time, we're going to take down this stamp collector.
-Tie him up, rob him, we're out. -Here.
It was me, Nicky and this kid Carson Leverett.
Fucking Carson.
I swear, this kid couldn't tie his own fucking shoe if you didn't show him.
We all wear suits because we want to fit in.
We're in the elevator, it stops, this old lady gets on. She starts fucking screaming!
Now Val turns to me, but I'm looking at Carson.
I'm thinking, "What the fuck?"
Because that fucking bonehead's still got his Ronald Reagan mask on!
Fucking smiley mask!
And you guys didn't notice till then?
Shit like that happened all the time on jobs. That's why Jimmy was so missed.
He saw shit happen before it even went down.
Why do you think he went straight?
One word, pure and simple. Katie.
What about you guys?
What? Us? Going straight?
That's pretty fucking funny!
We're like bats, we like the night too much. Days are just good for sleeping through.
Want another shot?
-You know, I should slow down till we eat. -Come on, don't go fucking pussy on us!
Come on, get up.
Live a little, huh?

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