Ocean's Thirteen (2007): What to Do to Bank


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The clip What to do to Bank from Ocean's Thirteen (2007) with Scott Caan, Casey Affleck

Reuben he always was too trusted.
Is Saul. Is.
Of course. Is.
He tried talking him out of it next time.
Look, Bank hurt Reuben...
I know how that makes me feel.

I know what that makes me wanna do.
Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna get close to Bank and I don't care if it gets messy.
I'll drive you and get him leaving his barber.
Good, then I'll inject him.
Yeah and I'll find a spot to get rid of the body.
All valid ideas.
Great initiative.
Even though Bank stepped over the line we have to do what's best for Reuben.
Which means we offer Bank a "Billy Martin".
Wait a minute? And then what, he goes for it? And that's it, he gets off?
No, that's the rules for someone who understands the rules.
which Bank don't, because he already broke them.
So he don't get the chance.
For Reuben...
I think we give him a chance.

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