Ocean's Thirteen (2007): How to Get to the Diamonds


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The clip how to get to the diamonds from Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

So what's the deal with these diamonds then?
They're out of Tiffany they're 30 karat each.
Matches the award plaques... On today's legitimate market they'd be worth...
250 million dollars.
Bank's already purchased the next one in anticipation of winning the award.
The rest are kept in a secure glass viewing boot at the top of the tower.
And Benedict said we can keep?
That's what he said.
Then why want these diamonds on the agenda to begin with?
Because it can't be done.
This is why revenge jobs don't work, Daniel.
You put yourself in a position, you know you should walk away, but you can't.
This is how guys die or go to jail.
Does anybody wanna walk away?
I say I was walking away.
Let's cut the son of a bitch.
Okay. Bank fired Gerry Guapi Maior and 4 others, just so he could say he designed the hotel himself.
What this means to us?
There's no set of unified plans.
According to March 05 plans there's interior shafts with potential access to the diamond viewing room. Here, here and here.
But the May 05 plans only show shafts: here and here.
September 05 shows no shafts and December 06 plans are the same as...
How many sets of plans are there?
That's ten.
Since we can't trust the accuracy of these drawings based on my walking around these are the shafts we have to clap an eyeball on.
Now there's still nowhere of knowing the thickness of the floor underneath the diamonds.
Anything thicker than 5 inches we have a problem.
This here is the elevator shaft which can be accessed through a super high roller villa.
Got it?
So who's gonna be our super high roller?

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