Ocean's Thirteen (2007): Arranging a Natural Disaster


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The clip arranging a natural disaster from Ocean's Thirteen (2007) with Matt Damon

Now the drill access is through a sewer main of Paris Drive.
Grind along here into the northwest corner of the hotel.
Probably about 6,00 Rpm so you won't wake all the neighbors.
When it reaches the resident's frequency the building acts like a tuning fork.
To the people inside it will feel like an earthquake.
That should knock out the Greco.
And that's your exit strategy.
Hey Bash?
I'm up here.
Here you go.
Hey, where the mags?
I can't find those things.
I need them. I can't leave.
I'm sorry ask somebody else.
Ask Livingston.
You're such a wowser.
Look, read this to Reuben.
I've done research. Positive messages get through.
I can't say this.
No, no I'm saying it. You're just a vessel.
Come on Basher, look, why don't you take a break?
I'll watch all the equipment. You'll go read it to him.
You know we never digging the tunnel they had teams of guys monitoring this.
Yeah? How many?

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