Ocean's Thirteen (2007): the Five Diamonds


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The clip the five diamonds from Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

Now the top casinos can clear 3 million dollars a day just on the floor.
Bank with his high level players and no limits is projecting 5.
Upon exchange for the loans he had to give up six of the nine seats on the board.
So he doesn't control his own company. And a couple of the guys he brought in aren't friendly.
So he has to clear 500 million in the first quarter or he gets dumped out of his own hotel.
Bank wants another Five Diamond Award.
Every hotel I ever has one: a Royal Review Five Diamond Award.
The Cigarou Inn: five diamonds.
The Peloponnesian Monte Carlo: five diamonds.
The Grand Saphir, Singapore: cinco diamantes.
Atomano Crest, Tahiti...
I never not won one.
So, how are you gonne get the diamonds?
We're not.
We thought about it for a minute...
Then we decided... It was...

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