Ocean's Thirteen (2007): the Arrest of Lenny Pepperidge


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The clip the arrest of Lenny Pepperidge from Ocean's Thirteen (2007) with Scott Caan

Well, it's all over now.
We can get back to us.
Feel my heart. Let me feel it.
Oh, no.
That's gonna stain. Why don't we take these off.
It's wet...
Come on get them off.
It's wet.
Oh, boy. OK.
Hold it right there. FBI!
Oh, dear god!
This man, Lenny Pepperidge, AKA Lenny the Pep?
AKA Shelden Wells, AKA Little Timmy Hardwell?
is a confidence man.
Okay, that's-that's not the whole?
Help her up.
Oh, my god.
He infiltrates high establishments through legitimate business contacts.
He was gonna drug you and replace the real diamonds?
with these.
My god.
Oh, my god!
And that's not all?
Oh, my god.
Oh, Abi, Abi okay? I'm sorry?
I'm sorry. I...
Oh, my...
No, I really like you.
Shut up.
I really...
Oh, I am so finished.
Don't let it bother you.
I'm finished.
He's a professional at a laying suspicion.
And seducing women of a certain age.
You know, if Bank hears about this. I am?
I'll be delicate in my report.
Get her statement.
Thank you, agent Caldwell.
I'll need your full name.
Thank you.
I'm just glad your mother didn't have to see that.
You just don't wanna admit that the Brody played.
It's a little early for a victory lap.
Linus, I hate to break this up but did you make the switch?

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