Ocean's Thirteen (2007): Roman Comes in


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The clip Roman comes in from Ocean's Thirteen (2007) with Eddie Izzard, George Clooney

Six months later.
Well thanks for coming.
Thanks for the 100 Grant.
This takes longer than a day though.
Gonna have to re-negociate.
That's fair.
I'd like some Sen Cha or Genmaicha.
Green tea. Yes, sir.
And don't burn it.
Pour it just before boiling point not after.
Green Tea. Si signore.
Just us three?
For now...
Figured we talk to you first..
Good lord.
How stuck I am?
Stalled really.
Run it from me.
Don't leave anything out.
Give me the big picture.
You wanna?
It's all yours.
Where shall we start?
Start with the hotel.

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