Koma (2004): Ling Threats Ching at the Bar


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The clip ling threats Ching at the bar from Koma (2004)

Ching, why didn't you answer my call?
Where are you? Wai
Let's dance. It's fun
I'm doing fine. You go ahead
Let's go
Ching, come on
It's fun. Come on
Alright. You go first
Let me get a drink. I'll join you afterwards
Be quick
Ok, ok!
Please give me...
What do you want to drink?
I have something for you. Try it on
It's especially for you
The heels are shorter
So you won't twist your ankle when you follow me
I'll just write you my address, okay?
Leave me alone!
I haven't finished yet!
The granny in the hospital wanted to tell you
You sat there suddenly and scared her
She kept having nightmares afterwards
She thought she saw a ghost

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